À hauteur d’assise  (i.e. At seating height) is a research based project embodied in six objects. Far from advocating a monastic life for all, the project attempts to re-engage the heritage of Cistercian monks in our time.

Each object arised from elements observed in the monks' way of life, and is inspired by retreat times in several French abbeys. The objects are intended for our everyday life. They are a gentle starting point to the displacement of some of our uses.

À hauteur d'assise has been awarded by a grant from Chair EnsAD/Cnous « Mutation des vies étudiantes » directed by Agathe Chiron and Jean-Sebastien Lagrange.


Project directed by Anna Bernagozzi, Florence Doléac, Alexandre Fougea, Patrick Renaud.


With the invaluable help of Sara Rottenwöhrer and Mathilde Vaillant.


Thanks to Jean-François and Nathalie Bosse, Jean-François Dubernard, Robinson Haas, Carlyne Matinier, Noémie Pilo, Lola Ripoche, Juliette Vivien.





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