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5pm is a furniture collection designed for Aubier studio, a manufacturing workshop committed to craft wooden object locally and virtuously. The collection has been thought in dialogue with Aubier's know-how after visiting the forests and sawmills around the workshop.
The advised time to use the lounge chair and armchair is 5pm, the right time to enjoy a cup of tea and wait quietly for the aperitivo.

client: Aubier Studio ↗
status: in production
year: 2024

Modular shelving system designed for visual artist Noémie Pilo in 2024 in order for her to display a set of volumes and experiments. Single units working indepedently as benches can be seamlessly connected to turn it into shelves. The shelves are assembled Upside Down, starting from the top then flipping it over once assembled.

UD Shelves
status: delivered
year: 2024

credit: image 6 ©Siouzie Albiach

Collection of stoneware containers designed together with Noémie Pilo at the invitation of Atelier Lumierrante. Each model has been thought to meaningfully respond to everyday situations. The collection is handcrafted by Atelier Lumierrante in Paris and available in limited numbers.

design w/ Noémie Pilo
collaboration: Atelier Lumierrante ↗
status: limited edition
year: 2023

Piece of outdoor furniture designed for the schoolyard of the village of Verrières (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France).

Inspired by the local industrial and natural landscape, the bench's use changes according to the weather: on rainy days, it collects water, creating a water mirror reflecting the environment. In summer, it provides a place to sit in the shade.

The project was developed over six months of research at the school↗, including workshops with the children and discussions with the teachers which were crucial in the development of the bench.

Ateliers Médicis ↗ 
Ministère de la Culture
Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports
assistant: Kémi-Yan Siopathis
status: delivered
year: 2023

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