Robin Bourgeois is a Paris based designer whose work ranges from industrial design to research based projects

Four beechwood coat hooks. The set was designed to furnish a hundred studios in a new building operated by the Poitiers Habitat Jeunes association for young workers. The hangers were made from discarded headboard from the former building by a local production facility, and calibrated to leave as little waste as possible. The aim is to bring a sense of comfort and welcome.

client: Poitiers Habitat Jeunes↗
status: delivered
year: 2023

Piece of outdoor furniture designed for the schoolyard of the village of Verrières (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France).

Inspired by the local industrial and natural landscape, the bench's use changes according to the weather: on rainy days, it collects water, creating a water mirror reflecting the environment. In summer, it provides a place to sit in the shade.

The project was developed over six months of research at the school↗, including workshops with the children and discussions with the teachers which were crucial in the development of the bench.

Ateliers Médicis↗ 
Ministère de la Culture
Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports
assistant: Kémi-Yan Siopathis
status: delivered
year: 2023

Both an object of contemplation and an everyday tool, the project aims to take a fresh look at food preservation and craft(wo)manship. As a vase, the top plate collects wilted petals and leaves and holds the stems. As a bowl, it keeps the fruit and veggies at the right temperature thanks to the thermal inertia of the unglazed earthenware which absorbs and returns the freshness of water. Beyond the use, it invites to compose with and enjoy natural elements.

client: self-initiated
status: auto-edition
assistant: Gabriel Le Roy
year: 2023

From discarded industrial tools, we imagined a range of removable benches suitable for private, collective and public spaces, indoors or outdoors.

client: Design&Territoire↗
ADEME (Agence de la transition écologique)
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine
status: in production
year: 2022

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