Routine is a small aluminium table lamp. Discreet and reassuring, its simple silhouette comes from the methodical and naïve observation of the objects which enlight us up on a daily basis. Routine is designed to be cast in one piece at very low costs.

client: self-initiated
status: concept
year: 2021

A stool made of reused polycarbonate. Enlighting the structural and visual qualities of the material, the project attempts to offer a future for this scrap of building site. Thus, the form is meant to be simple and lets the environment appear in the object. The foot is held using two zip-ties, then simply plugged to the top. It is foldable, removable and very light.

client: self-initiated
status: research
year: 2018

This piece of furniture is the result of my first experience as a designer within a production place. I sought to design a product that was both easy and significant to produce, highlighting the hybrid skills of the workshop.

client: Estampillé 52 ↗
status: in production
year: 2017

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